What We Do

Automotive Americas has been a business unit of Cascade Engineering since 1980.

The first part we produced was an air conditioning duct for Oldsmobile. Since that time our automotive expertise has evolved into three primary product lines dash silencers, wheel liners and air management tubing. Vehicle acoustics and sound dampening have become areas of our expertise for our automotive engineers. We have invested extensively in our testing and research capabilities in this area. The dash silencer is an integral seal between the vehicles engine compartment and the interior cockpit. This part absorbs sound generated by the engine and power train while also reducing dashboard vibration. The wheel liners we produce also dampen the sound inside the interior and reduce the vibration created by the vehicles rotating wheels. Our air management tubing utilizes hard plastics for support and rigidity combined with soft plastics for flexibility. These areas of molding and acoustics expertise are attracting new customers in the motorcycle and power sports industries.