Problems We Solve

A quiet ride is something we all appreciate as part of the driving experience and our expertise in acoustics helps us to provide solutions to our OEM customers. Our extensive knowledge of sound management combined with our materials expertise helps to reduce noise and vibration inside the vehicle. The dash silencers and acoustic wheel barriers we supply are also 100% recyclable.

Acoustical Barriers

Dash Silencers: The interior of your vehicle should be a place of calm and solitude for you and your passengers. Our dash silencers were designed and developed with this in mind. The dash silencer is located between the engine compartment and the dashboard. It is specifically designed to improve acoustics inside the vehicle while reducing sound and vibration emitted from the engine.  Automotive America’s is the leading producer of plastic injection dash silencers that are 100% recyclable at the end of their product life.

Acoustic Wheel Barriers:  To reduce the sound and vibration created by rotating tires, our wheel barriers are installed between the wheel well trim and body sheet metal. Not only do our wheel barriers reduce the noise inside the vehicle but they also reduce the vibration generated by numerous road surfaces.

HVAC and Fluid Management

HVAC: Tubing for heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs to be designed with specific characteristics for the application in which it’s required. Our plastic materials expertise along   with our ability to provide both rigid (hard) and flexible (soft) material, simultaneously with our double shot injection molding process makes us a major supplier of automotive HVAC tubing.

Fluid Management: Our specialized tubing is designed and manufactured to be temperature resistant and flexible. We use our extensive experience in polymer development to assure the right materials are used for the application.

Mass and Weight Reduction

We are dedicated to assist all OEM’s in meeting their CAFE requirements. We utilize are experience in polymer materials development to replace heavy metal parts with plastic. This materials experience combined with our multi-shot molding capabilities allows us to provide one part using two or three different plastics of varying thickness. Many of the parts we supply are also 100% recyclable at the end of their product life.